Choosing your Wedding Photographer for your Special Day

As a little girl you dream about your wedding day and how it’s going to beSeattle Wedding Photographer perfect and magical like a fairy tale. You dream about the flowers, the cake, the dress, and of course the prince. But in the movies they don’t show all the planning that goes into making that one day perfect, they just show the finished product. The movies don’t depict how much time, money and energy that went into making everything look magical.

When we grow up we learn responsibility and that things just don’t magically appear like presents under the tree at Christmas. Someone worked hard to buy those presents, wrap them and put them under the tree. A lot of thought and detail went into those presents and making that child’s Christmas dream happen just like so much thought and detail goes into each and every wedding no matter the venue, size, or location. A wedding represents the bride. Every wedding I have been to is different. The flowers, dress, venue, cake they are all picked by the bride and groom, but mostly the bride. So if your wedding is a representation of who you are and a showcase of your personality then choosing your wedding photographer should not just be based off talent and price, but also whether the photographer is a good fit for you.

Each photographer’s style and personality is different. Just because they take gorgeous photos and are in your price range doesn’t mean they are a good fit for you. Every photographer has a different technique and that comes out in there photos. Think about what type of person you are and the theme of your wedding. Are you more traditional and want photos that are not Photo Shopped too much.   Are you more of a thrill seeker and what crazy, unique, and creative poses.

Think about what type of photos you want hanging on your wall for years to come. Think about the photos your grand kids are going to ask about. How much touch up work do you want done to your photos? What types of poses are really important to you? Who do you want in your photos? Do you want photos with your whole extended family? Are your photos going to be inside or outside?

These are all things that you should discuss with your photographer ahead of time and make sure that you are both on the same page and that the photographer you choose is a good fit for you.


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