How to Pick Your Wedding Party

One of the most important aspects of your wedding day is the family and friends thatPicking Your Wedding Party get to share it with you. Your special day is made so much more meaningful by having those close around you. By taking the time and effort to select the right family and friends to be a part of your bridal party
you can be rewarded with quality memories for years to come. Here are some tips for selecting your bridal party:

Remember Family

It is really important to include family members in your bridal party. It can be easy to want to exclude them, especially if they’re younger than you and seem immature for the event. However, having them a part of your day truly helps strengthen family relationships. It is also good to include any family from the groom’s side as well as the brides. You do not want any hurt feelings, but more importantly being inclusive of your family is a great way to strengthen a new family partnership.

Set the Size you Want

Another important aspect of a bridal party is the size of how many family and friends will be on stage with you. Some brides and grooms choose to have large parties with anywhere from 8 to 12 bridesmaids and groomsmen. Going this route can make planning for the event challenging, but can be rewarding having all of your important people on stage with you. Try to remember your values, your personality and your couple identity and be true to that. If you’re very social and outgoing and have a strong community then a larger party might make sense. If you focus more on quality and depth of relationships then having a smaller party might make sense.

Think Long Term

Another at another way to think of this is to think about where you will be in 10 years. In my own personal wedding we chose to have 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen. After several years have passed since our wedding it is clear some of those people are no longer part of our life for a variety of reasons. If I was to do it again, I would focus on on a small amount of quality relationships that could support us during our day rather than having so many people a part of the bridal party.

In closing, it’s most important to remember that the wedding day is about you and your future spouse. As you make decisions about colors, venue locations, cake size, photographer and wedding party you want to make sure you stay true to yourself. Make sure that your honest with everyone in the party and clear with them on what you expect of them on your wedding day. If you stay true to yourself, you will end up with a great wedding party. And hopefully that group of people can provide the support, love and encouragement that you will need to get to your wedding day and support you on the day of the event.


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